Building a Foundation for Success

Sessions for a Successful Marriage

Do you want the honeymoon feeling to last a lifetime?

Do you both want the passion, the partnership, and the love to stay strong for 30-40-50 years?

Do you want to have the tools to communicate and grow together through life?

Where your financial future is concerned, are you ready to live happily ever after?


Then I have good news for you…

Introducing group “Sessions for a Successful Marriage” couples coaching!


I delve deep into what works, what needs improvement, and what steps to take for success. Joining me will be Stephanie Georgakopoulos, who has been in the financial industry for over 5 years. We will give you the tools you’ll need to have the marriage of your dreams.

This Program will Help You and Your Partner:

Learn tools for proper communication

Set financial goals together, to live the best life possible

Respect each other’s self-care and free time

Setting priorities together as a team

Discover how to become united and handle extended family

Avoid long-festering destructive behaviors

The Relationship You Desire is Possible

Discover tools and techniques for a successful marriage

Here’s How It Works:

1. You learn to take charge of your own half of the relationship

2. You communicate with love and compassion even during minor disagreements

3. You learn how money works, then set financial goals you both feel good about

4. You let your partner be themselves, flaws and all

5. You set new, exciting life goals – together as a team

In short, “Sessions for a Successful Marriage” will help you build a foundation in your relationship so you can continue to deepen the love you have, with the tools and strategies to make it last a lifetime.

Grow your journey with confidence!

Here’s what’s included in “Sessions for a Successful Marriage”

❤️ 3 Group In-Person Sessions (5 hours)

❤️ 2 Zoom On-line Group Sessions (2 hours)

❤️ 4 Videos to reach a deeper understanding with your partner

❤️ Instant community support on our Facebook page

❤️ Free couple analysis from Liz Thees

❤️ Free couple analysis from Stephanie Georgakopoulos

❤️ Renewed fun, excitement, companionship, and intimacy

❤️ Confidence from knowing that you’re both working together to make your relationship better

❤️ Friendly group environment to build comradery, accountability, and relief you aren’t alone

Here’s the Difference:

There’s a lot in the “Sessions for a Successful Marriage” program. And the truth is, some of the exercises Liz and Stephanie use with their clients can be found in books, videos, or are used by other professionals.

The Difference Is:

Trying to find alone time to grow and build the most important facet, your relationship, is hard to come by, we know how life is full of work, and building a life together, and running a household, and having small children.

This fantastic session would provide you access to both strategic growth from Liz on the emotional and communication side as well as Stephanie on the financial and goal planning side. These sessions bring together both integral sides to give your relationship the strongest foundation possible, and turn you into a powerhouse couple.

In one location you would receive guidance from an experienced coach who’s successfully faced all the ups and downs relationships can have (including divorcing, and remarrying, the same person!) and guidance from a qualified professional who has lived through the money arguments and lack of communication that comes from not planning the path together from the start.

Most couples professionals charge anywhere from $150- $220 per session, or more! Then the couple would hire a financial professional who would charge anywhere from $500 to $1500 for their service.

Utilizing more money and more time, two of the most precious resources we have.

And while books and videos can help some people, others benefit more from personal accountability. Like there are some who can excel using a exercise DVD, and others need a personal trainer.

Our regular price for the Sessions for a Success Marriage is $2,425.

But since it’s’ the first time we are offering these sessions together, the first 6 couples that join will get a 30% discount to just $1700 or four payments of $425!

You will also get a special bonus: 1 hour couples analysis from Liz Thees, 1 hour couples analysis from Stephanie Georgakopoulos, instant community support on our Facebook page.

That’s over $3,000 in coaching, support, and resources for just $1,700.

And you don’t even have to pay the $1700 right away!

A $425 deposit is all you need to secure your spot and this amazing discounted price!

These sessions will only be offered at a 30% discount for the Tuesday group program starting on July 23, 2019 at:

The Pinnacle
1772 Indian Wood Circle
Maumee, Ohio 43537


In Person Group Session #1 July 23, 2019                           6:30- 8:30 PM
Zoom Group Session #1 August 27, 2019                     6:30 – 7:30 PM
In Person Group Session #2 September 24, 2019              6:30 – 8:00 PM
Zoom Group Session #2 October 22, 2019                   6:30 – 7:30 PM
In Person Group Session #3 November 26, 2019               6:30 – 8:00 PM

Meet Stephanie


Stephanie Georgakopoulos has been in the financial industry for over 5 years. She is passionate about empowering women with financial tools that help them become properly protected and financially secure. Stephanie works with women to create financial futures that will help them reach their life goals. Stephanie received her bachelor’s degree in International Business from the University of Indianapolis and her master’s degree in Finance from Strayer University.

When not working, Stephanie enjoys spoiling her fur baby, a Pomeranian named Achilles; reading self-development books; being a frequent guest on FindYourStyle Podcast; and learning French. She can be contacted at or 419-266-8692.


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