21 Day Soul-Nurturing Challenge

Are you feeling disconnected from your soul?

Are you struggling with fear, guilt, anxiety, or low self-worth?

Do you feel lost about your path and purpose in life?

Do you long for a deeper connection with your soul and are seeking a better way?


Regain clarity and control of your life with the 

21 Day Soul-Nurturing Challenge

This Program will Help You:


Regain control of your life with the confidence to feel limitless

Love yourself exactly how you are in this moment

Build better relationships with your loved ones

Pinpoint and release self-destructive behaviors

Let’s Get Started! Your Time is Now.


21 Days for only $21!

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Here’s How It Works:

1. Every day for 21 Days You Will Be Sent a Video from Liz with a specific topic

2. At the end of each session, Liz will give you a challenge and questions to ask yourself

3. Tools, checklists, activities and other resources will be provided sporatically

4. Access to a private Facebook group to connect with others facing similar challenges

Here’s what’s included in “Relationship Re-Ignite”

Two Months (8 hrs) of Couples Re-Ignition Coaching

Instant support from Liz via the Voxer app:

⭐️ Get ‘quickie’ advice and action steps. whenever you need it, at the push of a button

⏩ Weekly group ‘touchback’ sessions via Zoom so you can collaborate and gain insight on how other couples are solving their own issues.

10 part video course covering these topics:

✅ Reducing Resentment
✅ Letting Things Go
✅ Trust Through Honesty
✅ Keeping Intimacy Alive
✅ Become A Better Listener
✅ Speaking Your Truth
✅ Eliminating Expectations
✅ Cracking Criticism
✅ Accepting What You Dislike
✅ Appreciating Each Other

❤️ Address and solve whatever pressing problems your relationship is currently facing

❤️ Clear goals to work on, created and agreed to by both partners

❤️ Strategies and techniques to deal with conflict in a more constructive way

❤️ Simple exercises to get you back on the same page FAST so you can avoid destructive patterns

❤️ New methods to face challenges together so you can create bonds that withstand any test

❤️ Guidance from an experienced coach who’s successfully faced all the ups and downs relationships can have (including divorcing, and remarrying, the same person!)

❤️ Renewed fun, excitement, companionship, and intimacy

❤️ Confidence from knowing that you’re both working together to make your relationship better

There’s a lot in the “Relationship Re-Ignite” program. And the truth is, some of the exercises I use with my clients can be found in books, or are used by other couples counselors.

But here’s the difference:

Most couples professionals charge anywhere from $150-$220 per session, or more.

And while books can help at first, all it usually takes is one big fight before you’re back to where you were, struggling with the same problems again.

(Of course, nothing’s more expensive than a divorce… especially if you truly love each other.)

My regular price for “Relationship Re-ignite” is $1600.

But because it’s the first time I’ve offered it on Facebook,
the 6 couples that join will get a 40% discount to just $960, or 2 payments of $490.

You’ll also get a special bonus: 2 hours of coaching for each partner individually – 1 hour each at the beginning of the program, one each at the end – so you can share your individual concerns, impressions, and plans for the future.

That’s over $2000 in coaching, support, and resources for just $960.

And you don’t even have to pay $960 right away!

A $200 deposit is all you need to reserve a Discovery Call with me.

We’ll discuss your relationship, your challenges, your goals. If after the call I don’t think I can help, you’ll get every penny of your deposit back.

But due to time restrictions, I can only accept 6 couples. And this is the only time I’ll offer the 40% discount.

So if you love each other, and you’re not ready to give up on each other, this could be the chance to change it all together, for the better, forever.

Here’s what some clients have said about working with me:

“Liz helped me see the lack of self-love in my life. She provided a safe and sincere environment for me to open up about the deep feeling/understanding I had about myself.”

“There is something truly special about Liz. Maybe it is her ability to listen. Maybe it is her ability to help me realize it’s okay to be scared and afraid but to not let it consume me. Maybe it is her ability to guide me to find peace within myself or maybe it is her ability to make me realize how magnificent I can be.”

“I found my session with Liz to be very uplifting and focused with actionable goals to stay on track.”

“Four sessions with Liz and I have gained a whole new perspective of my life. I can better see the areas in my life that need some attention as well as the areas in my life that I am excelling in. Liz has really challenged me to dig deeper in my life, to find what brings me passion and to just go for it.”


It’s Never Too Late To Be the Person You Were Meant to Be